Solar Power Solutions

GPaaS simply means green power as a service. GPaaS is the business model we intend to use to provide clean, affordable and reliable power to our customers and clients in Canada and Nigeria. 
In this model we simply replace our customers’ grid or diesel generator supplied power with clean power produced from our award-winning power box technology. The power box is a revolutionary power generation technology that operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction to produce massive electricity with zero emissions. The power box comes in different sizes and capacity. The good thing about this technology is that it produces clean power 247/365 and it can be installed anywhere including off grid and remote places. Unlike some other power generating sources that produce intermittent power, e,g solar and wind, the power box produce power anytime, anywhere.
Another beautiful thing about our GPaaS model is that our customers will only pay for the power they consume on a take or pay basis at a tariff that is more pocket friendly and better than what they are presently getting from the grid or diesel generators. In other words, we simply become their NEPA or power supplier.
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