What We Do

Green Power provides energy and power from renewable energy sources with zero GHG emission. The idea is to replace energy sources from fossil fuel with renewable energy sources. It is on record that, it is the bid to provide energy from the burning of fossil fuel like oil, coal, gas that led to the release of GHGs in the first place. If these sources are replaced, there will be a resultant effect of a drastic cut down in the release of the harmful GHG substances that cause global warming and the earth will be save from the impending danger.

At Green Power Canada Ventures, we replace energy sources that use fossil fuel with sources that use renewable energy. These include sources from the sun (Solar Power and energy), from wind (Wind Energy), from running water (Hydro-power), from heat beneath the earth (Geo-thermal energy), from bio waste (Biomass). We ‘ve got the people, technology and partners to make this happen with precision and speed.

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