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Green Power Canada Ventures is an international renewable energy company and we are involved in some projects in Nigeria. It is on record that about 69% of Nigeria’s population is without electricity and are not connected to the national grid. The ones that are connected to the grid are daily assaulted with black outs, power cuts and power outages on a continuous basis.

It is a well known fact as well that Nigeria as the largest economy in Africa needs about 140,000 MW of power to run smoothly and effectively but the reality on ground at the moment is that Nigeria can barely boast of 5000 MW of electric power as of today, this gap between demand and supply has created a huge opportunity for investors to take advantage of and make good return on investment. To this end Green Power Canada Ventures is stepping in to take advantage of this opportunity and we call on investors both private and institutional investors to partner with us as we join in the efforts to make Nigeria self sustaining as regards electric power supply and utilisation.

In the light of the above, Green Power Canada Ventures is on a mission to set up 5 solar power mini grids of 1-10MW each in strategic locations in the country, these locations include but not limited to industrial parks, housing estates, farm settlements and production clusters across the country. This will help to reduce the power problems being experienced in Nigeria today.

In addition to what is written above, Green Power Canada Ventures will also be very active in the solar solution space in order to make clean, affordable and sustainable electric power available to homes, businesses and industries in the country so as to shore up the quality of life and the productivity of the people. We have 3 types of solar solutions for the Nigerian populace. They are:

  1. Fully owned solar power solution
  2. Rent-to-own solar power solution
  3. The Host solar power solution.

Fully Owned Solar Power Solution

This is a business model in which Green Power acts as a contractor and project developer. We are contracted to deploy this power solution by our customers. The customers are responsible for all the project cost and all the capital outlay. We do an energy audit for the customer, advice him on the size and capacity of the solar power generator needed, a quote is given, we also advise on the type of energy saving appliances that are needed in the house. After we sign the contract, we go ahead and deploy this solution and we are paid. In addition we also set up an after installation maintenance contract with our customer so that they can maximize the value for their new acquisition.

Rent-to-Own Solar Power Solution

It is a known fact that the upfront capital investment to install rooftop solar power generator can be capital intensive and expensive. And we also know at Green Power Canada Ventures that not all of our customers or clients can afford this initial capital spend.

For such customers, we offer them the rent-to-own program. In which they make a small initial down payment towards the total cost of the installation. This is only a percentage of the total cost of the equipment and installation. The balance is spread over a couple of years to make it easy for our customers to acquire the generator, help them save energy cost and reduce their carbon foot prints. This is a very convenient way to own a rooftop solar power generator.

The Host Solar Power Solution

In this model, all that is needed is for the customer to play host to our equipment and the solar power generator itself. We need the rooftop to host the solar panels and the house to host other equipment such as the inverters, batteries, charge controllers etc. Electric power is generated by the solar panels and this power is in turn sold to our host. We there for become his utility company responsible for his electric power supply. In this model, our customer is committed to buying this power from us in a long term basis throughout the lifespan of the generator and equipment.

This model is by far the most popular among our clients and customers. It gives them peace of mind and makes it very easy for them to switch over to renewable energy and reduce their carbon foot prints, contributing their quota to the fight against climate change.

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