To help homeowners and businesses go green and adopt clean technologies, the different levels of governments in Canada have put in place very  generous incentives, subsidies, rebates and grants. These subsidies come handy for homeowners and businesses because it can be very costly to adopt green technologies. The upfront cost for alternative source of energy can be pricey. But the application of these incentives, subsidies, rebates and grants can reduce this upfront cost by upto 70%. We can help our clients apply and get the above subsidies to cushion the effect of going green on their pockets. 

In addition to the above, the solar solution we install for our clients can be a revenue generator. We can help them generate renewable energy certificates (RECs) from the energy they produce over the life of the system from their rooftops or ground mounts. These RECs will be sold to offset the balance cost of installing the solar power system in their premises. This means that they can have their solar power system eventually for free!

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