Green Power Solar Plant AB, Canada

Green Power Canada ventures is embarking on the building of a 10MW solar power plant in the south side of Alberta, this site has been carefully selected because of its abundant sunlight.

This solar power plant is capable of powering 10,000 households with green energy, saving about $2,000,000 per annum in household electricity, creating 500 jobs during the construction phase and 100 jobs during the operational phase. And above all, it is capable of removing 100,000 tons of GHG from the atmosphere which is equivalent to removing 20,000 internal combustion engine cars, vehicles and trucks from the road.

The solar plant is scheduled to come on stream in the fall of 2021. The feasibility studies has been done, 5 EPC contractors are undergoing vetting, verifications and site visitations at the moment and upon the completion of this vetting process, Green power will move forward with one of them. We expect shovel to the ground by Spring of 2021.

A power purchase agreement(PPA) is being worked out with a renowned utility company in Canada for the total purchase of the 10MW of electricity that will be produced from this plant. This PPA will guarantee the revenue stream and cash flow for the project.

We are currently in the market for investors, funders and financiers for the project which is estimated to cost USD$15,000,000. We will like to hear from you if you are interested in the above. We are also opened to giving investors and funders equity in the company in lieu of their investments.

Finally, a comprehensive business plan is in the works. This business plan will expressly demonstrate how the business will run and also show the return on investment. The project guarantees a robust return on investment.

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